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Pixel Brush

The easiest way to draw pixel art

Pixel Brush is a free app that helps you to learn, draw, and share pixel art.

New to pixel art?

If you're an aspiring artist, or just want to have fun being creative, then pixel art is the medium for you.
Make pictures with a mosaic of colored dots called pixels, and let Pixel Brush help you bring your art to life.

A purple pixel art fox

Learn art, not an interface

Tap to draw, pinch to zoom, auto-save, auto-preview. Pixel Brush tries to get out of your way.

A pixel art Japanese pagoda, foliage and lake

Tools of the trade

Draw pixel perfect shapes, fill entire areas, select regions of pixels, and more.

Colour spectrum and colour palettes

Premade color palettes

Create your own palette, pick from a curated set of inbuilt palettes, or import a palette directly from Lospec.

Example of a Discord chat discussion

Supportive community

The Pixel Brush Discord community is friendly and can provide feedback to help you improve.

A pixel art bedroom with a blurry background and sharp objects representing layers

Layers to organize your art

Each layer has its own pixels, so you can keep organized. Rearrange and hide layers as you need.

Motion blur on a ball


Frame-by-frame animation, including "onion-skinning" and frame linking. Export these as GIFs to share with others.

What do users think?

Pixel Brush has been used by over 250,000 artists around the world.
Here's what they think of Pixel Brush:

“Great app, very clean interface. Simple but powerful tools.”

5-star rating

Thomas Kirkpatrick (Google Play review)

“Pixel Brush in short, is a simple, easy to understand pixel drawing app.”

4-star rating

Mysticano (Google Play review)

“Smooth and my art saves as true pixel art unlike other apps that warp and blur.”

5-star rating

Josie No (Google Play review)

“I'm no artist, I just needed something for idle doodling. Very clean interface, super easy to use.”

5-star rating

Tom Huber (Google Play review)

Start drawing today

Pixel Brush is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices
Even more platforms are planned for the near future, so stay tuned!